I have been in the travel industry since 2011, but my love for all things Disney started years before then. I first got my toes wet with an online travel agency, then eventually left and started working at an agency here in Houma for 3 years. There, I gained tons of experience with all different types of travel. My love for Disney and travel only grew. I always left wanting more. Once my daughter was born in 2014, I quickly realized I didn’t want to go back to selling travel just Monday-Friday and being away from home so much. I founded “Vacations by Jenna, LLC. I was able to still do what I loved, have a flexible schedule, and provide more to my clients. Previously, I felt I couldn’t give my clients the 100% that they deserved during just those set hours. Travel isn’t just Monday-Friday. I meet clients on their lunch hours, after hours and pretty much anytime in between.

After almost 3 years of being known as “Vacations by Jenna”, I realized it was no longer a fit. My business was growing and I wanted to expand and be able to give the opportunity to other agents across the U.S. that have the same passion for travel, magical spirit, and desire to help guests plan magical vacations.  Brainstorming began, and I had so many ideas (most of which were taken) I finally decided on “Teacup Travel Co.” I feel as though the teacup is a staple attraction when you think of Disney Parks.  There is a reason it is on almost every commercial. When riding the teacups, your spinning, laughing, and free.  The spining also represents the planning, which will be up to me as your agent, so that you can sit back, relax and ejoy the ride.  The teacup also represents serving.  I truly believe in always serving my clients with the BEST customer service and giving them my all.

Jenna boyd

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Travel Agent of Teacup Travel Co.

Specializing in ALL Disney Destinations,

Universal Studios, Carnival Cruiselines,

Sandals Resorts, Globus, Contiki

and Most All-Inclusive Brands.

These past few years have truly been a dream come true. I get to do what I love every single day. It has been quite challenging, at times, trying to juggle it all.  Seeing the smiles on my clients faces, as they have an amazing time on their vacations, makes it all worth it. While I love to sell all things Disney, I love my breaks in between; selling cruises, all-inclusives, and other types of vacations. I love to take the stress out of planning and do all the research and back work it takes for my clients to get the most value out of their vacation.



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Magical Vacation Planner of Teacup Travel Co.

Specializing in Disney Destinations, Sandals, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Universal Parks and Resorts


My love for Walt Disney World started at the young age of 8 years old when my parents took me and my sister for my first trip! I'll never forget the first time I met Mickey or how big Cinderella's castle appeared as we walked down Main Street! We dined with characters, got so many autographs, and rode as many rides as my height would allow! We laughed more than we ever had before and made memories that I'll cherish my entire life. Because of this, Disney is so much more than a vacation to me, it means family!  

Over the years, I was able to return to Disney with family and on a high school trip with friends! I celebrated my 21st birthday and even my Honeymoon with Mickey. My love for Disney has only grown as my husband, a fellow Disney Junkie,  and I have visited the parks as often as possible; including anniversary trips and our babymoon! And the most Magical experience of all was bringing our baby girl, Estelle Kole,for her very first trip! While all of these trips offered different experiences,  a sense of familiarity was always there. And with each trip I'm transported back to my first time as a bright eyed child that was in awe of Cinderella's castle and the sight of my favorite characters roaming the parks!  Having the opportunity to help others plan their dream vacations--whether it is their first time or their annual trip "home"-- makes me feel like I am a tiny part of their forever memories and that is so special to me! 

When planning my client's vacation,  I like to put myself in their  shoes and plan each detail as if it were my family that would be doing each activity. My goal is for each of them to return home loving Disney as much as I do and being constantly reminded of moments that made them feel like a part of the Disney family!

brooke lyons

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Magical Vacation Planner of Teacup Travel Co.

Specializing in Disney Destinations, Sandals,

Universal, and Carnival Cruise Lines 


Growing up, I often dreamed of the day my parents would take me to Walt 

Disney World.  I never expected that I would take my first steps onto Main Street as a young teenager and find such a huge love and passion for this magical place!  Now, not only do I look at Disney as a vacation, I look at it as my home away from home.  They say, "Home is where is heart is," and Disney truly holds a piece of my heart.

Disney has become part of our family that holds many wonderful memories that we will cherish for years to come.  My husband and I have celebrated many of our important milestones at Walt Disney World such as our senior trip, honeymoon, and baby moon.  Disney has also helped us to create special memories and new traditions with our children that we will never forget.  Our favorite memory at Walt Disney World is having both our childrens' first haircuts at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street!

I will never forget the look on my daughter Blaikley's face when she saw Cinderella's castle for the first time and her first Princess makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Botique or my son Jude's reaction to his favorite characters and the way he danced along to the Festival of the Lion King.  These memories will forever be dear to my heart, and when planning your vacation, I will be sure to share with you the secrets to making lifelong memories such as these with your family.  There is something new and exciting in each and every Disney vacation, and I am eager to help your family experience the magic of Disney! No matter your Disney Destination, whether it be a Disney Cruise, Aulani, Disneyland, Adventures by Disney or Walt Disney World, my goal is to help you and your family find your love for Disney just as I have!



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Magical Vacation Planner of Teacup Travel Co.

Specializing in Disney Destinations,

Domestic Quick Trips, Universal, and All-Inclusives


My name is Jenni Cavazos, and it is safe to say I am a Disney fanatic.  Anyone who know me well, knows that I obsess all things Disney, but my true love for Disney grew as I became an adult.

I grew up in Houma, Louisiana, but have been living in Houston, Texas now for almost 10 years.  This is where I met my now husband, while we were working for the same company as ballroom dance instructors.  Yes, we danced together and met through dancing.  And yes, we still go out dancing together and it is truly magical.  But it wasn't just the dancing that attracted me to him, no.   It was this child-like quality that he had that I never seen in a man before.  He is the only man I have ever met that did not mind watching animated Disney movies with me, and who let me witness tears roll down his cheeks at the beginning of the Lion King on Broadway because it was so beautiful.  Disney World was an easy choice for us for our Honeymoon, and it was the most magical vacation I had ever been on.  It was here that I truly understood just how amazing Disney is.  I love that there is a different Disney vacation for every person or family, and if you choose to just travel to Disney every vacation the rest of your life, you could have a completely different experience every time you go and never get bored if you plan accordingly!  This is where I can be of service to you.

Let me help you truly have the most magical experience on your vacation that you have ever dreamed of.  I can do as little, or as much of the planning as you would like me to and my services are completely free!  I can also assist you in all cruises, all-inclusives, and even just leisurely trips to places around the world if you would like.  Wherever you heart's desire.

I am so excited to be a part of a company, and to be assisting people in making magical memories on their vacations!  Thank you Jenna, for making me one of your Texas agents!

kacie matte

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Magical Vacation Planner of Teacup Travel Co.

Specializing in all Disney Destinations

Universal and select All-inclusive Resorts

Caribbean and Alaskan Cruises

hometown: pineville, LOUISIANA
Current: Crowley, louisiana

Family Vacations have always held a special place in my heart. Every year growing up we always set out on an adventure of some sort. We all looked forward to that special time and the memories we would make as a family. Many years we played on the sandy beaches of the gulf coast, cruised to the tropical paradises of the Caribbean, and even snow skied on the slopes of Colorado. Then there were the years we set out to do something else- something more magical. 

My earliest Disney Vacation memory is riding Dumbo in the rain wearing a big yellow Mickey poncho, waving to my dad lugging around that huge video camera from the 80s. I was blessed to visit Disney several times as a child and have looked forward to bringing my family some day. 

Fast forward to the present- my husband, Eric, and I have four beautiful children. Seeing their sweet eyes sparkle with amazement has been by far our favorite vacation memory to date. Our girls are crazy about all things Disney and it makes this mama heart so happy to see my babies happy. As your Disney Vacation Planner no detail will be left undone. From magical dining experiences to fast passes on your favorite rides you can rest assured I will plan each detail as if I was planning for my family. 

kayla rowlett

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Magical Vacation Planner of Teacup Travel Co.

Specializing in all Disney Destinations

Universal and select All-inclusive Resorts

hometown: mountain home, arkansas
Current: tuckerman, arkansas

My love for Disney World goes back to as far as I can remember as I have been to Disney more times than I could ever count since I was a little girl. Disney holds so many special memories for me from my childhood and my adult life with my own children. I was fortunate enough to marry a man who had a love for traveling just like I did and we have enjoyed traveling the world together. We have 4 children together and have started taking them to Disney World as young as 4 months old. Our first trip to Disney World when our twins were a year old solidified our little family’s love for all things Disney.


Disney is special for everyone of all ages, but if you’re traveling with children it is definitely different. I love helping families plan stress free vacations and I have lots of tips and tricks for doing Disney with kids, especially babies and toddlers. Whether you’re planning to visit Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani, a Disney Cruise, or an Adventure by Disney I will be here for you every step of the way to make your vacation magical!


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Magical Vacation Planner of Teacup Travel Co.
Specializing in all Disney Destinations and Universal


When my husband and I started our family, we knew we wanted our children to learn the value of experience and create memories they could carry on. Family vacations was one of biggest things that stuck out to us in our childhood.


We decided our first family vacation together would be to Walt Disney World. We were mesmerized and blown away by the endless experiences! There was something for all of us to enjoy. I was hooked, and ready to plan my next trip before we even left. I got home and had serious Disney blues (Yes that is a real thing). I researched anything and everything I could about Disney. I even watched documentaries about Walt himself. Walt’s story left me feeling even more intrigued.


Before I knew it, I was planning our next trip, then our next, and then our next. Something new was always coming out and I needed to experience it all. I was enjoying the planning part as much as I was enjoying the actual trips. The next step for me is to be a part of this Disney magic, and help others plan their magical memories.


People often ask me “Don’t you want do something different?” and my reply will always be the same “But Disney can bring me all over the world and still have something for everyone in my family to enjoy.” The way Disney changes each year but still keeps that nostalgic feel will always make for the very best memories and experiences.


(318) 613-9235

Specializing in Disney Destinations, Universal Orlando, and Sandals Resorts


My friends and family would call me a travelholic and Disney freak. My husband and I made a promise to each other, when we married, to travel as much as possible and to never forget to enjoy life. I am always looking for experiences to share with my children that will leave lasting memories. Our trips to Disney never dissapoint and we love reminicsing on the memories made on each trip.

One of my very favorite Disney memories involves taking my husband to Walt Disney World for the first time. He was hesitant to go, but I convinced him to take a quick trip and I am so glad I did. I remember sitting down on Main Street while waiting for a parade and watching my husband's face as he took in everything around him. He was filled with childlike wonder and awe. I will never forget the look on his face and the happiness I felt getting to be apart of his Disney experience. This is something I hope to be able to create for all my clients.

Before taking my first Disney trip as an adult, I made sure to completely research and be prepared for my trip. Well, I haven't stop visiting, I haven’t stopped researching and I haven't stopped learning about Disney since that trip. I enjoy learning everything Disney has to offer, keeping up to date with new attractions, restaurants, shows, and just all things Disney.

My love for Disney has brought me to not only Walt Disney World, but Disneyland and Disneyland in Paris. I hope you will let my love for Disney bring you on a magical journey that results in lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Let me take the stress out of your planning and put my experiences and research to work for you.

Marisa Knott

(205) 394-3202

Specializing in all Disney Destinations and Universal Orlando Resort

Hometown: Samantha, Alabama
Current: Tucson, AZ & Pensacola, FL

When watching home videos from my youth, almost every one of them includes some element of Disney magic. From my sheer elation to receiving an Aladdin VHS for my birthday, to carrying around my Copper stuffed hound dog while hunting for Easter eggs, to donning a Megara Halloween costume shortly after Hercules was released into theaters, it is easy to see that Walt Disney played a major role in my childhood. My love for all things Disney was only magnified further after visiting Walt Disney World for the first time on my Honeymoon in early 2015. I stood with tears in my eyes as Mickey, Minnie, and all their friends pulled in to the Main Street Train Station and welcomed me to step through the gates of the Magic Kingdom. I soaked up every moment I spent in each of the four parks. I gazed with wonder and amazement at this world that seemed to have been created just for me. From then on, I was hooked! I have since visited Walt Disney World many more times, and even had the pleasure of witnessing the magic of Walt Disney World through the eyes of my own child. 

Anytime I hear of someone planning to go to Walt Disney World, I feel the immense urge to share all of my own wonderful experiences with them, whether it is my favorite park rides, delicious restaurants, or special ticketed party events, to ensure they have the best time when they vacation there. So, when the opportunity presented itself to utilize my love of sharing my experiences in Walt Disney World with others, I knew it was something I had to take. 

I have taken trips that were planned by just my husband and me, and they paled in comparison to trips that were planned by the Teacup Travel Co. Having a vacation planner on your side who can help guide you through preparing an experience tailored specifically to the interests and needs of your family is invaluable. Let me help you plan yours and your family’s next vacation and ensure you have the most magical experience imaginable. ºoº

Leanna Arcement

(985) 414-9927

Specializing in all Disney Destinations and Universal Orlando Resort

Hometown: Bosque Farms, New Mexico -Current: Raceland, Louisiana

My name is LeAnna Arcement I am from Raceland, LA. Louisiana has been my home to me for 14 years now, I am originally from New Mexico! And yes, I know you must be thinking how did I end up in Raceland Louisiana?!?!?! well I went to college in Texas where I met my husband of 12 years now and that’s where the love story began, after we finished school we moved back to his home town “Raceland” and got married.


I have always loved Disney I watched all the movies as a kid and when I was 11 we went on a family vacation to Disneyland and it was so magical.... as a young adult after I moved to Louisiana I went to Disney World and WOW I was hooked it was absolutely the most amazing magical place I have ever been to.


Fast forward to now my husband and I have 2 beautiful little girls who love Disney as much as we do! LaylaGrace and LondonRose could live at Disney , seeing the joy & sparkle in there eyes is just the most unbelievable experience we have ever had on a family vacation. Disney is truly magical for all ages! I am very blessed to be part of TeaCup Travel Company and I am excited to be part of your family vacation. 


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Specializing in all Disney Destinations and Universal Orlando Resort

Orlando, FLORIDA -

Hi, My name is Lauren and I am a travel addict. I did my growing up in Louisiana as well as Orlando, Florida...lucky kid, right? I started traveling very young, both domestic and internationally, and it created a passion for travel and a love for the hospitality industry. In 2008, I earned my degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism.  I have loved Disney throughout my own childhood and am currently making new Disney memories with my husband and our two children.


If you are a first timer or a seasoned guest, there is something exciting in store. That’s the magic of’s always growing, evolving, and a new adventure awaits. Your trip can be tailored to fit every season of life and I am eager to assist you in planning every special detail of your next trip. Let’s partner up to make sure you have memories that will last a lifetime!


(318) 419-6509

Specializing in all Disney Destinations and Universal Orlando Resort

pineville, LOUISIANA

I’m Ashley Tam. I was born and raised here in Pineville, LA. and continue to live here, raising my family of four. I am married to my husband of 12 years, Cory Tam. Together, we have two amazing, beautiful, wild, and active children. My son Jackson is 11 and keeps us busy with baseball. My daughter Anistyn is 8, going on 21, haha. She keeps us on our toes with cheer and a lot of sass of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

I made the decision to become a travel agent because we love to travel and see new things and places.  We love to be able to return to the places we have been before, to reminisce and see what has changed.  We simply love to travel…together…as a family. When I think about the material things that my kids will enjoy in that moment, at a particular age, or season in their lives, I know those “things” are and will be short lived. However, the good times we have and experience, and the memories we make on our adventures will last a lifetime. You can take a lot of things from people but you can never take their memories from them. 

While we enjoy all types of travel, one of our favorites is of course, Disney. My first time to ever go to Disney World was in high school for dance line competition. I was fascinated by this wonderful, enchanted place. I knew right away, that there would be many more trips made and that my future children would love this magical place, just as much as I did. Needless to say, we go as often as possible and it never gets old. There is always something new and great and exciting. Over the years, I have learned so many things about what TO do and what NOT to do. I have learned that what works for some, does not always work for everyone but that is the beauty of life. No two experiences will ever be exactly the same. Life is too short. Take the trips, make those memories, because as we all know, we are not promised tomorrow. I am so eager to begin this journey, helping others find the absolute best way possible, to make a lifetime of memories.



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Specializing in all Disney Destinations and Universal Orlando Resort

Baton rouge, LOUISIANA

With wide eyes and pure amazement I visited Disney like most kids do when I was a child. We didn’t go often but something about it stuck with me, something called to me.   When I became an adult with a family of my own, my first thought was to take a Disney vacation! But having 20 years go by without a visit I felt a little overwhelmed. That’s when Teacup Travel Company jumped in and planned our whole family vacation. They took the guesswork and the questioning out of it and only left room for the fun!

Stepping back onto Main Street after so long I was weary, but instantly I knew the magic was still there. It was there in the sounds of The Dapper Dans singing to you, welcoming another glorious day! It was there in that familiar smell of popcorn and ice cream! And the magic was definitely there as we walked up to Cinderella’s castle and gazed at it standing proud and tall on the horizon!   That magic feeling just grabbed ahold of me that first trip back and I have been chasing it ever since! 

Teacup Travel Co has planned all our vacations and each time I was thrilled that they would do everything for me from dining reservations to booking fast passes. But as my wonder for the parks grew so did my curiosity. I began researching about the parks. The best times to go, the easiest way to get on a ride quickly, different dining locations, I was hungry for all of the Disney knowledge. With each trip I would volunteer to plan more and more of the trip without the help of Teacup. And what I discovered was the magic was there as I was planning the trip! The wonder and amazement and giddiness I feel in the parks, was also present just planning what to do! 

So naturally with this obsession of planning and visiting Disney, I had to take it a step further and become a Magical Vacation planner myself!


Let me plan the most magical trip for you and your family! I want you to see and feel the wonder just like I do, so no detail is too small in planning! I’ll make sure that the fun can be felt from the youngest to the oldest! Vacation planning has never been so easy with me in your corner!