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Is Space 220 Restaurant Worth Your Time?

The highly anticipated Space 220 Restaurant has finally opened at Walt Disney World Resort, and people are asking a few important questions. What can I expect? Is it worth my time? Is it worth the price? While you won't truly know until you try it for yourself, we took on Space 220 to give you a preview!

The first thing that stands out about Space 220 Restaurant is the immaculate theming. Located in EPCOT near Mission: Space, this fresh hot spot offers a new level of immersion to your dining experience. Board the special space elevator to begin your journey and be transported from the parks and out of this world. During your ascension from Earth, you will witness amazing aerial views of EPCOT. Ultimately you will reach your destination to dine while enjoying breathtaking daytime and nighttime views from 220 miles above the planet! Seriously, the place had us speechless before we could take a bite.

The service at Space 220 Restaurant was out of this world (pun intended). Our servers went above and beyond (last one, we promise) to make sure that we were taken care of from beginning to end. We never felt rushed and our overall experience was very smooth. You can expect to be treated like a star while you dine in the stars.

We found that there was a trend at Space 220 Restaurant when it came to the food: flavorful and rich taste with great presentation. Everything was popping with flavor that you may not expect from space food. We also really enjoyed the fun themed names that went with each course. Here is a breakdown of our thoughts on the meal itself:

  • Drinks (Atmospheric Spirits) - Very sweet; you'll be happy if that is your preference. If you want more bite in your beverage, these may not be for you.

  • Appetizer (Lift-Offs) - We had the Starry Calamari: fried calamari with Italian cherry peppers, spicy marinara and roasted pepper citrus aioli. We also the Blue Moon Cauliflower: Tempura fried cauliflower, house-made hot sauce, and blue cheese dust. Both of these appetizers were cooked to perfection. Excellent choices that we highly recommend!

  • Entrée (Star Course) - We went with the Slow Rotation Short Rib entrée: braised short rib, cheddar grits, bacon, and haricot vert. This was a very visually appealing selection with lots of flavor. Extremely tender and rich, we would definitely order this one again. We also added an upgrade with the 1.5 lbs. Baked Whole Lobster Stuffed With Jumbo Crab. This was also bursting with great flavor, but we preferred the short rib option at no additional cost.

  • Dessert (Super Nova Sweets) - To close out our meal, we landed on the chocolate cheesecake. It comes topped with whipped chocolate ganache, chocolate sauce, white chocolate crunchy pearls, cookie crumbs, and dark chocolate shards. This one was a winner: very smooth with excellent taste and presentation.

Before you launch, here is something to keep in mind. Space 220 Restaurant offers a prix fixe menu, so you will be paying a set price. Dinner will cost $79 per adult and includes an appetizer, entrée and dessert. Upgrades, such as the lobster, are not included with this price. Lunch is a bit less expensive, starting at $55 per adult. Lunch pricing includes an appetizer and entrée, but dessert is not included.

So is Space 220 Restaurant worth the time and price? We think so; especially for those with an interest in what's "up there". To book a reservation, contact your TTC travel advisor today!

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