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2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival presented by Corkcicle is Worth the Visit!

Auguste Gusteau famously said "anyone can cook". While we haven't tested this theory, we WILL say that anyone can eat at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival presented by Corkcicle. We're here to add some flavor and fun to your upcoming Walt Disney World Resort vacation. Let's get into it!

Ah, EPCOT. A park for the whole family. Rides for the kids, sights for the adults, food for all. The only place you can literally walk (or Soar) around the world in a day. The park alone is a true treasure to behold. But in case you need more reason to experience its glory, the 2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival has arrived! Happening now through November 20, you can experience culinary delights from around the world. And here's the kicker: admission to the festival is included with your park ticket. Just take a left or a right at the world showcase (both ways are delicious) and find the right remedy for your thirst or hunger. Don't forget to grab your free festival guide at either park entrance. It'll make your day much easier.

Picky eaters rejoice! With over 20 food and drink booths currently open and more on the way, you'll be sure to find something for your palate on the menu(s). There are nine booths scheduled to open October 1, including returning favorites such as Brazil, Belgium, Ireland and The Alps. So if you're looking for some warm Raclette Swiss cheese, you'll have to wait. Luckily there's more than enough tastiness on hand right now for the rest of us. With so many options available, we did some sampling to simplify your life. The decision wasn't easy, but we selected a few of our festival favorites that are worth a try:

  • Favorite food: Soy-glazed Sticky Ribs from The Swanky Saucy Swine booth. Served with green onions and peanuts, these flavorful ribs have been making waves this year. They definitely lived up to the hype for us, earning the Teacup Travel stamp for festival's best food.

  • Favorite dessert: Maple Boursin Cheesecake with Whipped Boursin Maple Bourbon Cheese and Candied Pecans. The title says it all for our favorite festival dessert. If you like these flavors, this concoction is a must-do.

  • Favorite beverage: The Mimosa Flight at Shimmering Sips. Our festival favorite beverage is a great value. You will experience all three of the booth's mimosa options. The tropical mimosa includes sparkling wine and a mixture of passion fruit, orange and guava juices. The key lime mimosa incorporates key lime sparkling wine with cranberry juice. Finally, the blood orange mimosa comes equipped with sparkling wine and blood orange juice. Try them all and tell us your favorite!

In case you were wondering, festival offerings don't end with food and wine. EPCOT is serving up extra fun along the way. We'll start with the big one: live music entertainment is back! Catch a beat while you eat at multiple locations around World Showcase. The Canada Mill Stage features the JAMMin' Chefs as they put on a show using unique instruments including pots and pans. Mariachi Cobre and Voices of Liberty take turns showcasing their talent at the America Gardens Theatre. Finally, the America Gardens Bandstand presented by Florida Blue Medicare offers a live concert series Friday through Monday evenings. Take a break to catch local bands from Central Florida put on a show!

EPCOT stays true to its vision of tomorrow with its "Brew-wing at the EPCOT Experience". Here you can beat the heat inside while enjoying a meal and a show. Food and beverage offerings include various specialty chicken wings to pair with your choice of beer, cider and more. For your entertainment you will witness the future of EPCOT in a 360 degree movie room. The innovative display highlights Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, Journey of Water inspired by "Moana", and more upcoming construction updates. Be sure to catch a viewing while you're in the park!

Trekking around World Showcase all day may not sound kid-friendly, but our friends over at EPCOT have got you covered. The highlight for kids is Remy's Ratatouille Hide and Squeak Scavenger Hunt. Purchase your little one a kit that includes a map and stickers at a festival merchandise location and let the game begin! This one provides fun for the family as you search for statues of our favorite furry chef all around the world. Find them all to receive a free prize courtesy of Remy! Kids (and the rest of us) may also be interested in Emile's Fromage Montage. You will find this cheesy adventure within your free festival guide. Sample 5 cheese-inspires dishes listed in the guide and receive a sticker for each. Collect all 5 stickers and bring them to the Shimmering Sips booth for another free prize!

This year's extended festival features new and exciting color schemes that feel fresh and updated. These inviting tones are implemented in official festival merchandise available throughout EPCOT. You may choose to shake things up with Remy's crimson and blue collection, or keep it country with the red, green and white Apple Orchard collection. With much more to choose from we're certain you will find what suits you best. Most of the festival merch is exclusive to EPCOT, so be sure to collect your memories while at the park!

The EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival offers countless reasons to visit the park. Packed with food and fun, it is an overall experience that you will not soon forget. Contact a TTC advisor today for more details on the festival and a free no-obligation quote!

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