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Top Five Reasons to Visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Photo credit: PRM Digital Productions, Patrick R Murphy

Bright Suns! This is the traditional Batuuan greeting that you'll receive when you visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge during your next trip to Walt Disney World. Tucked away in its own galaxy (in Hollywood Studios) you will find all the family fun you were looking for. Let's get into the top five reasons Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is a must-do experience for YOU.

1. Join The Battle Against The First Order

Galaxy's Edge is home to two major attractions that we believe are worth a ride. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run is an interactive mission that has you actually fly in a life-size Millennium Falcon. Whether you are a pilot, gunner, or engineer your job is crucial. This attraction will tell you if your smuggling mission was a success or failure, so have your team ready for launch!

The second attraction in Galaxy's Edge is the one everyone is buzzing about; Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. We would be more inclined to call this one a galactic experience. Without giving away any spoilers, it absolutely lives up to the hype! This attraction involves using the My Disney Experience app to book a boarding pass. The times to book boarding passes are 7 AM or 1 PM daily. They are gone faster than hyperdrive, so contact your TTC travel advisor for information on how to secure those exclusive passes. (Pro tip: disconnect from the park WIFI and use cellular data while booking if possible for a better chance to get in.)

2. Dine in A Galaxy Far, Far Away

If you are looking for some unique dining options, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has got you covered. For an on-the-go meal, stop by Ronto Roasters. The winner here is the Ronto Wrap, a grilled pork sausage topped with roasted pork and wrapped in pita bread.

In the mood for a seated meal to beat the heat? Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is the way to go. Soak up some air conditioning while you dine on out-of-this-world cuisine. We recommend the Fried Endorian Tip-Yip (Fried Chicken) or the Batuuan Beef (Pot Roast).

3. Wash it All Down

You're gonna want to wash down that delicious meal with something refreshing. Luckily for you, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has the remedy. For a quick stop you can try out the Milk Stand. You have your options of blue milk or green milk here. Don't worry, there's no actual dairy milk in it. The blue milk is more popular among guests, but the decision is yours!

If you are more interested in resting your weary traveling feet while you refresh, Oga's Cantina is the spot. Here you will find unique beverages to suit your needs. For those feeling adventurous Oga's offers the Fuzzy Tauntaun. It is delicious and goes down well, while leaving behind a numb and fuzzy feeling in your mouth due to its topping of "Buzz Button Tingling" foam. For a more tame experience you could choose a Carbon Freeze. This berry beverage is equipped with green apple popping pearls that dance around in your glass while you enjoy your stay. Whichever you choose, you will be sure to enjoy the musical entertainment of droid DJ R-3X; he always steals the show. Oga's Cantina is always in-demand and offers advance reservations. These can be hard to get, so give your TTC travel advisor a heads up to reserve your spot at this popular watering hole.

4. Unique Shopping Options

Of course you will find the usual themed merchandizing shops of any WDW park in Galaxy's Edge. However, the land holds some very unique possibilities for souvenirs. Want to build your very own lightsaber? Bring yourself down to Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers. You will choose everything that goes into YOUR lightsaber, so the possibilities are endless! Savi's Workshop is now accepting reservations: contact your TTC travel advisor to take advantage of this offering.

Is it a droid you are looking for? Journey to the Droid Depot to assemble your own sidekick from the ground up. You'll have the freedom to customize your droid to fit your own preferences. Reservations are necessary, so don't wait to reserve your opportunity!

5. Immersive Theming

What if you're not a huge fan of the famed Star Wars franchise? Worry not, Galaxy's Edge can still be a great place to visit. If you are into theming you will be blown away. Disney spared no expense when designing their largest single-themed land in parks history. Everything is built to scale and truly authentic. Look up: the forced perspective of the spires make it feel like you are in a foreign land with no theme park in near distance. Look down: R2-D2 droid tracks lead you through the land. Cast members greet you in their native tongue. Even the coke bottles are themed! The land will truly envelop you within its walls.

So if you're visiting WDW's Hollywood Studios theme park during your next trip to Orlando, don't miss out on the galactic glory that is Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Contact a TTC travel advisor today for more information and a free no-obligation quote! Until then, as the locals say: Good Journey.

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