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Why we LOVE Three Broomsticks ™

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Welcome, muggles! Fans of the Harry Potter book and/or movie series can all agree on one thing: wizarding food and drinks sound intriguing to say the least. Honestly, who doesn’t want to feast like a magical being? Fortunately, we can do just that at Hogsmeade in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

The Three Broomsticks restaurant gained recognition through the film franchise and preceding book series. Now, Universal’s Islands of Adventure has brought it to life for all to enjoy. The décor stays true to what fans would expect with this rustic tavern. Snow-capped peaks on the outside combine with warm, dim lighting inside to capture the essence of a cozy inn. Wizarding knickknacks line the walls and pique guest curiosity. Cast-iron chandeliers and worn wooden beams make the place appear both grungy and inviting at the same time. You will be absolutely immersed in your surroundings during your meal.

The Three Broomsticks isn’t all about ambiance: the food here is enough to take the House Cup! As you await your turn to place an order, you will be exposed to many of the menu options on display in glass cases. Some options are based around traditional English favorites including shepherd’s pie, beef pasties, and fish and chips. The menu also features other choices such as chicken, ribs, and turkey legs for less adventurous eaters. Whatever dish you choose, be sure to wash it all down with a spellbinding beverage. Choose pumpkin juice and pumpkin fizz for a seasonal sip, or turn your attention to the frothy main attraction. Butterbeer is here in all three variations! Frozen butterbeer adds the perfect chill to a hot day, while hot butterbeer chases the chills away with an extra burst of sweetness. Of course it’s acceptable to take it in its natural, cold liquid form at any time. Either way, you’ll feel like you’ve caught the golden snitch by the end of your meal!

If you’re a seeker of great dining experiences, give Three Broomsticks a shot. We certainly think this place is a keeper. Contact a TTC travel advisor for more information and a free no-obligation quote!

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